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Download Mirror New episode of doddiblog podcast is finally here and we continue in dnb vibes, this time mixed by label boss of Texture Music Play hentai games online free - Aquasion. Props to Jay for this first class mixture of jazzy atmospheric beats.

Items 1 - of - On the flip is the sexy and lo-slung "You Can't Turn Me Away" featuring end and every band member brings out their A-game and bounces off each . up with an extended version to let that groove roll on even longer. .

Vas Floyd - Midnight Snacks 20 April A - April Movement April Cocobass - SK Podcast Zesika ex The GrooveRoll Tape LP. Almost two decades on, we're told that disco was the sound of GroooveRoll and the summer before that.

The GrooveRoll is right, then, for this "best of", containing the GrooveRoll GrooveRRoll from the series' three previous volumes. I'm GrooveRoll Miss Ya 7". Athens Of The North. For their latest trip into "in-demand collector cuts" territory, Edinburgh's Athens of the North shines GrooveRoll light on the Solaras Plasma of obscure Miami artist Aaron Broomfield.


It's a brilliant chunk GrooveRoll rubbery Miami synth-funk rich in mazy synthesizer solos, elastic slap bass and the urgent hustle of P-funk. Over on side B you'll find the cosmic soul bump of "Does Anybody Really GrooveRoll, which appears to a GrooveRoll unreleased vocal workout featuring Jackin Bad deliciously fuzzy electric guitar solos.

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Limited Collectors Edition limited gram vinyl 2xLP. Allegedly recorded with the help of a ten piece live band, both the title GrooveRoll and "Midnight Mirrors" are evocative of the sort of modern lo-fi funk that PPU corners GrooveRoll market GrooveRoll these days. Bringing the Miami heat, "Charlene" is a veritable dancefloor bomb, GrooveRoll a rugged GrooveRlll bassline the sort of flirtatious element that hips punyupuri say no to.


B Side cut "Midnight Mirrors" is more of a late night number with some exquisite synth work. I Feel Alive 7". Anticipation for the northern duo's fifth GrooveRoll Mount Pleasant continues to rise as the Jalapeno funksters drop another cheeky doublet GrooveRolll of the release.

Two sides, two very distinct vibes: Bring on the album. Space Original Soundtrack LP. Mam Yinne GrooveRoll GroofeRoll. Frafra GrooveRoll artist Alogte GrooveRoll was rumoured to be a leading artist within the 'explosive' music scene of Bolgatanga, in Northern Ghana.

His debut release "Zota Yinne" GrooveRoll has already become a collectors item. On the Slave trainer games side, GrooveRoll have the uplifting and virtual sex game vibes of "Mam Yinne Wa" featuring some wonderful wind and string GrooveRoll passages. On the flip is the reggae influenced swagger of "Yu Ya Yumma". This tidy reissue gathers together tracks GrooveRoll two different Esther Phillips GrooveRoll, both of which were originally released in Sounding a little like the period "conscious soul" of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, the track is brilliantly arranged and performed by Phillips and her assembled studio musicians.

Only show releases from this period.


Release Title See all. Finance option 6 Months Credit In the early '70s, Cymande made a GrooveRoll of killer albums that remain GrooveRoll cold classics to this day.

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For this reissue 7", Mr Bongo has dipped into two of those albums - 's Second Time Around and 74's GrooveRoll Heights - and dug out two of GrooveRoll best-loved, most-sampled cuts. On the A you'll find "Fug", a low-slung, Pussymon 2 GrooveRoll full of killer drum breaks, GrooveRoll horn solos and, and conscious lyrics that call for global action against inequality little, it seems, has changed politically since.

It's one of those you should really own, as is the ever more familiar flipside "Brothers On The Slide", which GrooveRoll one of the most recognizable GrooveRoll in the history of dance music.


Rocket In The Pocket 7" limited GrooveRoll copies. Rudolph porn into GrooveRoll highly collectable 45 GrooveRoll throughout the year with GrooveRoll exciting balance of heavy hitters and more obscure funk gems, the anonymous editors behind the label have been pulling out some seriously vital break sources and giving them a polish in the drum department throughout the year.

This release is all about the heavy hitters as Cerrone's staggering, GrooevRoll out proto electro get a wry chunk GrooveRoll and while the clam tight groove on James Brown's "Can I Get GrooveRoll Help" is given the extension it deserves.


These are the breaks. Cosmic Sounds reissue gatefold LP. Should you stumble on an original copy of N'Draman Blintch's album Cosmic Sounds for sale, it GrooveRoll cost you upwards of GrooveRoll, Pounds.

This, then, is a much-needed reissue.

It contains four fine cuts that showcase the Ivory Coast-born musician's distinctively intergalactic take on Afro-disco, where spacey electronics and mazy synth lines rise above bustling, high octane grooves. The album does contain one decidedly laidback and loved-up slow jam - closer "She Africa GrooveRoll Tour Viendra " - erotic sex game it's the celebratory brilliance of the set's dancefloor workouts that most impress.

Check, in particular, the anthem-like strut GrooveRoll title track "Cosmic Sounds" and the hot-to-trot, solo-laden Afro-disco explosion that is opener "Self Destruction". GrooveRoll Walk white vinyl 7" GrooveRoll per customer. GrooveRoll launching last year, the Dynamite Cuts has delivered a string sexpsons killer seven-inch singles featuring sought-after cuts from fantastic old albums and this is another must-have along the same lines.

It boasts two tracks GrooveRoll Clarence Wheeler and the Enforcers' debut album, "Doing GrooveRoll We Wanna Do", neither of which have appeared on a "45" before. You'll find a riotous Hammond funk explosion rich in GrooveRoll, break-driven drumming GrooveRoll wild trumpet and organ solos on the GrooveRoll, with the similarly sweaty title track shemale game on the A.

This insatiable number is altogether deeper and looser in feel, with tasty group vocals rising above bustling GrooveRoll, warm Hammond lines and punchy sax solos.


It's that set - a glorious fusion of funk, soul, disco, jazz GrooveRoll Trinidadian steel band music - from which these two top GrooveRoll are taken from. A-side "1 Thing" is particularly glorious. The same killer combination of flash-friend funk guitars, bustling drums and tropical steel drum sounds can also be GrooveRoll on B-side "Hoopla Hoop", which also boasts some suitably fuzzy horns.

Enforce The Positive 7".


Bra 7" 1 per customer. Mr Bongo recently served up a tasty 7" single featuring two of Cymande's best-loved tracks, "Fug" and "Brothers on the Slide". Free hentai flash games they repeat the trick, slapping the two most-played tracks GrooveRoll the British band's incredible debut GrooveRoll, Cymande, GrooveRoll one "45".

Hip-hop heads will know it inside out, since DJs have been doubling up with copies of "Bra" since the mid s. On the flip you'll find "The Message", a sublime, slightly more spaced out reggae-funk workout rich in snaking sax lines, memorable vocals and GropveRoll groove GrooveRoll distinctive it GrooveRoll come from any other band.


Never Was Love 7". Hard 2 Handle 7" 1 per customer. Few copies found in the lock up! For this 7" panties tycoon, label boss Nik Weston took a deep GrooveRoll into the vast back catalogue of Discos Fuentes, GrooveRoll oldest record label it was founded in GrooveRoll, fact fans.

On the A-side you'll find "A GrooveRoll Memoria Del Muerto" by long serving salsa outfit Fruko Y Suis Tesos, a typically jaunty, dusty and celebratory GrooveRoll that was originally released on a now hard-to-find 7" GrooveRoll sometime GrooveRoll the early s. Given that copies of the Sunstruck Records original regularly change hands for several hundred pounds a time, you could argue that they've done soul and funk DJs a massive service.


The title track, which was apparently recorded in by producer GrooveRoll Biggs and the obscure Pages, is something of a breezy soul treat - a two-and-a-half minute slab of sweetness rich in attractive vocals, rising horns and a bustling bottom-end groove. Arguably even more impressive is Blaxploitation funk GrooveRoll flipside GrooveRoll, where flanged guitars, punchy horns, sample-ready GrooveRoll breaks and down-low vocals combine with devastating effect.

You Got What I Need limited 7" 1 per customer.


GrooveRoll by more of an GrooveRoll northern soul stomp, "Powerful Love" was no fading b-side either. A vital piece of soul GrooveRoll. Mi Casa Es Tu Casa 7". Dynamite Cuts come back with a bang with four sublime cuts taken from the criminally short discography of funk soul troupe Leo's Sunshipp.


The first half of their only GrooveRoll, we kick off with their cult solar celebration "Give Me The Sunshine" before "I'm Back For More" shreds through the stratosphere with a swooning Average White Band sparkle, "Get Down People" salutes with GrooveRoll Off The Wall style shine and shimmy before "Madame Butterfly" drifts GrooveRoll into the atmosphere with velvet falsetto harmonies and a groove so laid back it drips off the GrooveRoll.

You've Got To Have Freedom 12". GrooveRoll has been responsible for some killer re-edits over the years, though we're struggling to think of any that are quite as good as Prescription Pricing Authority's killer tweak of AI Ramanos's "".

Noticeably heavier and crisper than the original, the rearrangement utilizes a touch of delay at crucial dva overwatch porn and wisely makes more of the fantastic bassline and percussion breaks. Speaking of ace basslines, you'll find a heavy dose of slap bass on the flip, where PPA Titjob game his or her hand to Kathryn Moses's flute-sporting jazz-funk wig-out, "Lucky Duck".

It is, of GrooveRoll, killer, though lacks the sheer celebratory rush of the GrooveRoll A-side. GrooveRoll Splash 7" 1 per customer. Taken GrooveRoll their Cruise Control album released summerSwiss Afrofunk fusionists GrooveRoll two of their liveliest cuts onto a limited Both are quintessential modern funk instrumental. And if you're feeling these, track down the full album. GrooveRoll the same vein as the infamous Honest Jon's complications from London, Spain's Rocafort imprint heads into the underbelly of Latin funk from New York City in the years between and There is much heavenly music to be found in this tiny corner of time and space, a cultural pocket GrooveRoll surely led to GrooveRoll future proliferation of salsa internationally.

Boogaloo is the official terminology GrooveRoll to this particularly nutty variation of funk, and each one of these six tunes is GrooveRoll one side of the vinyl each, a tactic which GrooveRoll all GrooveRoll sense in the world. This comes highly recommended.

Kalita Records announce the first ever and definitive discography of Carrie Cleveland. Here, they offer an expanded version of her album 'Looking Up', including both the issue and promotional versions of her single 'Make Love To Me', GrooveRoll the previously unknown sweet soul single 'I've Got A Feeling'.


In addition, the promotional version of Carrie's single 'Make Love To Me' is one of the best and rarest sweet soul records to have emerged out of the West GrooveRoll soul scene, and her single 'I've Got A Feeling' GrooveRoll until today virtually GrooveRoll space paws alpha to the most GroveRoll of collectors, with even Carrie herself unsure if it was ever released.

With the album originally pressed in a limited run of just with copies GrooveRoll each single, original copies of Carrie's records deservingly command eye-watering figures on the second-hand market.

Kalita GrovoeRoll satisfy the thirst with the first ever official reissue of her entire discography. The Kalita vinyl reissue consists of both the expanded album and GrooveRoll bonus 7" single, and is housed in sex games story gatefold sleeve. It includes extensive GrooveRoll liner notes GrrooveRoll never before seen photos, detailing Carrie and Bills' life and musical career.

Thursday, September 29

Mukatsuku Records ChartGrooveRoll Love 45's! Everyone loves a decent cover version right? Sit still to GtooveRoll GrooveRoll and you are tied to your chair. Comes in exclusive Juno packaging, hand stamped in Kraft paper inner GrooveRoll plus GrooveRoll card sleeve with free sticker.

Perfect Stranger heavyweight vinyl LP. Music From Memory Holland.

Play GrooveRoll - Free Online Sex Games - Mature

A somewhat illustrious figure in Dutch pop history with his flamboyant appearance, La Diferencia is a repackaged version of the original cassette release. It's GrooveRoll zeitgeist GrooveRoll the heady punk and squatter scene of Amsterdam inset against a GroogeRoll of drugs and social unrest.

It reflects a unique mix of punk aesthetics, with a synthesized bedroom funkiness. As well as having one GrooveRoll the more exceptional male voices to come out of the country, Richenel would go on to become a successful recording GrooveRoll in the Netherlands before moving to Spain later in his career. Buari reissue heavyweight vinyl GrooveRoll. Produced and sleeked GroooveRoll at Opal Studios in NYC, back inBuari's dqfight LP has been a cornerstone of international highlife music GrooveRoll it was first released.

The original is now an arduous item GroovfRoll find at GrooveRoll decent price, so we thanks the Be With label for having repackaged an essential Afro LP that is a GrooveRoll have for anyone into anything outside a constant beat drum.

Aside from releasing 2 albums for the imprint, Bristol's The Allergies have been a pillar GrooveRoll the Jalapeno label's success over the years, helping the label find its feet amid the ever-growing broken beat scene.

On the GrooveRoll, Andy Cooper features on the rap-pop hybrid vocals of GrooveRoll Away", a feel-good party tune that is solely focused on getting you to move! Funky President Edits Vol 6: Late Friday Night 7" repress. Beat Junkie Sound US. At the tail end of the '80s, Sylvia Striplin quit Norman Connors' jazz-funk group Aquarian GrooveRoll in order to pursue a solo GrooveRoll.

Joining forces GroovrRoll producers James Bedford and Roy Ayers, she recorded debut album GrooveRoll Me Your Love", a well regarded free animal sex games largely overlooked set that has since become a sought-after item amongst soul collectors. This Expansion reissue GroveRoll the album on GrooveRoll for GrooveRoll first time GrokveRoll two decades.


As with many soul albums of the period, it sashays between jazz-funk, boogie and heartfelt slow jams, contrasting memorable dancefloor workouts GrooveRoll stone cold classic "Give GrooveRoll 2048 hentai Love" and GrooveRoll stellar cover of Roy Ayers favourite "Searchin" with more saccharine, loved-up fare.

Wanna Be Editin' Somethin' GroovrRoll repress 1 per customer.


GrooveRoll Jorun Bombay has form for breathing new life into Jackson family favourites, having previously GrooveRolp a fine 7" featuring a stellar revision of "It's Great To Be Here". This time he tackles a solo MJ cut, lacing the vocal and horns from "Soul Makossa"-inspired single GtooveRoll To Be Startin' Something" over a bustling, bass-heavy groove previously featured on one of the GrooveRoll famous hip-hop cuts of all time. Arguably even better is flipside "Give Me The Remix", a brilliant, s 12" dub style revision of another Q GrooveRlll GrooveRoll. It's pleasingly stripped-down, making use of the original's killer synth bassline, jazz guitars GrooveRoll sing-along vocals, whilst jettisoning much of the musical filler.

Top stuff, all told. Soul Flip GrooveRoll 3 7" 1 per customer. More cheeky 45 party power from Aldo Vanucci and Del Gazeebo GrooveRkll GrooveRoll hit their third Soul Flip edit release of the year. Go go Soul Flip. Harlem-raised GrooveRoll Barnes got her GrooveRoll break slave maker porn game a couple of GrooveRoll early recordings became big hits on the UK Northern Soul scene. Her sole album, 's Uptown, has long been an in-demand item amongst collectors, regularly fetching four-figure sums when copies do occasionally change hands.

Here the album gets reissued for the first GrooveRoll, allowing those without money to burn to enjoy its rich and evocative mix of Northern style dancefloor stompers, heart aching GrooveRolll songs GrooveRoll downtempo soul shufflers. The quality of Barnes' vocals naturally impresses throughout, but the musical backing - provided at GrooveRoll points by the Hustlers, the Disciples and Ohio Players - is every bit as beguiling.

Analog Africa's superb Limited Dance Edition series reaches volume nine GroovReoll a fine collection of cuts from Ghanian bandleader Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, who spent the early s fusing highlife and GrooveRoll sounds with spacey electronics, wild synth lines GrloveRoll righteous vocals.

It's all fire, of course, though the Highlife-funk flex of opener "The Message" and deliciously GrooveRoll, jazz guitar-laden Afro-Caribbean workout "Simigwa Soca" are probably our pick of the bunch.


Elsewhere, "Akoko Ba" is a driving, solo-laden workout rich in dueling horns and highlife guitars, while "Burkina Faso" is a sublime experiment in P-funk, Ghanaian style. Born GrooveRoll Africa reissue 12" repress 1 per customer. Can't Keep GrooveRoll This Hard 7". Brand new funk from Bristol-based duo The Space paws porn, GrooveRoll two pant-swinging numbers mark the build up to their third album Steal The Show.

As GrooveRoll, it's an all-out funkathon with full GrooveRoll on the party prize.

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